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  • When ordering labels for items which include more than 1 word (like 'Plain Flour' for example), is this 1 label or 2?"
    When placing an order for labels, kindly bear in mind the size of the labels. For extra small, small and medium labels, every label can have a maximum of 3 words. For example, “Mild Curry Powder” would be considered as 1 label. When ordering large or extra large labels, every label can have a maximum of 1 word.
  • What can I apply my vinyl labels to?
    All our vinyl labels are made from the highest of quality vinyl material which means they are very adhesive. They will stick to glass, tiles, wood, plastic, walls, wood etc. We do advise that you clean all surfaces with warm water to ensure the surface is clean before applying our labels. With some rough surfaces they may need some extra attention with applying. Vinyl will not stick to raw wood, certain fabrics and very rough surfaces.
  • Can I wash products with labels in the dishwasher?
    All our vinyl labels are waterproof, but we don’t recommend placing them in the dishwasher or microwave as this might harm the adhesive on the vinyl. We recommend gentle hand washing instead.
  • How would I determine which label I should order?
    Each label listing outlines a range of dimensions in centimetres that you can follow to check the appropriate label you can order. If you have a specific measurement you need us to work within for your labels, please contact us to discuss your custom order.
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