Our white stackable baskets feature handles that flip inwards to create a base for multiple same size baskets to be stacked on top of each other, providing additional storage space without sacrificing further surface space. Perfect for sorting and organising items in the kitchen, bathroom cabinets, laundry, office and more to make the best use of your space and reduce clutter.

Large Stackable Basket

  • Includes x1 white stackable basket with dimensions: Length 43.7 x Width 32.6 x Height 18.4cm

    Our stackable baskets feature:

    • Lightweight and durable plastic
    • Both handles of the storage basket flip to facilitate stacking multiple baskets on top of each other.
    • Great to help you organise and reduce clutter
    • Stylish design allows these baskets to be left out in the open
    • Provide easy access to contents inside